In the Media

With a proven track record of success and expertise in the real estate industry, Mohamad Sawwaf appeared in the media numerous times recently. More specifically, Mohamad was invited to both Inspirey and Ideamensch to discuss his career.

On these digital interview platforms, entrepreneurs, business owners, doctors, as well as lawyers discuss their career, their daily routine, and what inspired them to venture into their chosen field of industry. For Mohamad Sawwaf, it was quite the same. He discussed his academic upbringing as well as how it shaped him as a person. Furthermore, he briefly touched on his daily routine as well as the software that he uses to keep himself productive. Last but not least, he recommended a few books for readers to check out.

As for feature articles, Mohamad Sawwaf has been called upon to share his experience and ideas. In fact, he often expresses his views as well as insight into the world of finance. In addition, he discusses how North America Could Benefit from Islamic Finance.

Mohamad Sawwaf as Seen in the Media

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